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Namkeen Packaging Pouch

Introducing the Namkeen Packaging Pouches and Rolls by Arihant Packaging.

When it comes to preserving the flavors of namkeen and chanachur Arihant Packaging has the ideal solution for you. Our high quality Namkeen Packaging Pouches and Rolls are designed to hold your crispy treats while keeping them fresh and delicious. Whether you're packaging chanachur, sev, bhujia or any other namkeen variety our packaging solutions have got you covered.

Namkeen Packaging Pouches and Rolls:
Arihant Packaging's Namkeen Packaging Pouches and Rolls are meticulously crafted to not only securely hold your namkeen but also preserve their crunchiness and taste.

Key Features:

Convenient Zipper Feature: Our Namkeen Packaging Pouches come with a user zipper feature. This allows your customers to easily reseal the pouch after opening keeping your namkeen fresh and crispy for periods of time.

Appealing Standup Pouch Design: The Standup Pouch design not only enhances visual appeal, on store shelves but also optimizes shelf space while creating a strong brand presence.

Specialized Nitrogen Filling Rolls: Our dedicated Nitrogen Filling Rolls help maintain the freshness and crunchiness of your namkeen to ensure longer shelf life.

Efficient Air Holding Capability:
Our rolls are specifically designed to maintain the air inside which helps protect your namkeen from factors that could potentially impact its texture and flavor.

Transparent Window Option: We provide the choice of having a window on our pouches. This allows customers to see the quality and quantity of the namkeen they are purchasing giving them confidence in their choice.

Multiple Layers Laminated Pouches: Our pouches are laminated with layers providing excellent protection against sunlight and other external elements. This ensures that your namkeen has a better shelf life while maintaining its high quality.

Flexible Design Options, with a Matte Finish: At Arihant Packaging we offer design flexibility with options for a matte or registered matte finish. This allows you to customize your packaging by making parts matte while keeping the rest glossy based on your design requirements. The addition of a matte finish gives your packaging an elegant look creating contrast that highlights specific design elements to make it uniquely captivating.

At Arihant Packaging we recognize that namkeen is more than a snack, it's an enjoyable experience. Our focus is on creating packaging solutions that not only safeguard your namkeen but also enhance its presentation ensuring that every crispy bite is enjoyed by your customers.

Choose Arihant Packaging as your trusted partner for namkeen packaging. Let us assist you in making a remarkable impression, in the competitive market. We offer a range of packaging options tailored to meet your specific needs, including Standup Pouches, Standup Zipper Pouches, 3 Sides Sealed Pouches, Center Seal Pouches, Transparent Window Pouches, 3 Layers Laminated Rolls and 2 Layers Laminated Rolls.
For more information or to receive a quote from us today contact us. Discover the quality of personalized packaging offered by Arihant Packaging.


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