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Atta Packaging Pouch

Introducing Arihant Packaging; Enhancing Atta/Wheat Flour Packaging Pouches
At Arihant Packaging we take pride in presenting our manufactured packaging pouches, for Atta/Wheat Flour. These pouches are meticulously designed to meet the requirements of the food industry for storing this essential dietary staple. We understand the role that packaging plays in preserving the quality and freshness of atta (wheat flour) ensuring it remains intact.

Key Features of Arihant Packaging's Atta/Wheat Flour Packaging Pouches.:

Maintaining Freshness: Our packaging pouches for Atta/Wheat Flour are engineered to provide protection against moisture, air and external contaminants. This careful design guarantees a shelf life allowing you to offer your customers flour that stays fresh for longer.

Branding: We provide you with the opportunity to personalize the design and printing of your packaging pouches creating a platform to showcase your brand and vital product information. This not only boosts brand visibility. Also makes your Atta/Wheat Flour products instantly recognizable, by your valued customers.

Strong and Durable: Arihant Packaging's pouches are designed using tear resistant plastic materials ensuring they can withstand the weight of, up to 5 kilograms or 10 kilograms of Atta/Wheat Flour. This sturdy construction provides a layer of reliability assuring that your products will remain well protected during storage, transportation and handling.

Superior Poly Laminate: Our pouches feature a high-quality Milky LDPE Poly Laminate, renowned for its finish and enhanced whiteness. This results in an appearance that showcases the quality and freshness of your Atta/Wheat Flour products.

Exceptional Rotogravure Printing: We utilize state of the art rotogravure printing techniques to ensure top notch print quality and precise representation of your branding and product details. This adds a premium look to your packaging further enhancing the appeal of your products.

Multiple Sizes Available: We provide a variety of pouch sizes to meet product quantities accommodating customer needs of 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg Atta Packaging Plastic Pouch.

Whether you are involved in food manufacturing or supply atta/wheat flour as a supplier, Arihant Packaging's pouches are the choice, for storing and presenting this essential ingredient in an enticing manner.

Consider selecting Arihant Packaging as your go to solution, for packaging needs that not only preserve but also promote your Atta/Wheat Flour products. Our packaging pouches are designed with innovation, reliability and a strong dedication to delivering top notch packaging solutions.

Feel free to get in touch with us today to explore our Atta/Wheat Flour Packaging Pouches. With Arihant Packaging you can redefine how you package and present this staple ensuring that your customers always have access to the finest atta/wheat flour, in their kitchens.


We are a renowned flexible packaging manufacturer, recognized and trusted by a wide range of industries.

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