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Chira Packaging

Introducing the Premium Chira Packaging Rolls by Arihant Packaging
When it comes to keeping your chira (flattened rice) fresh and crispy Arihant Packaging has the perfect solution. Our high quality Chira Packaging Rolls are carefully crafted to store your delicate chira while ensuring its freshness and flavor. Whether you need to package chira or any other delicate food item our specialized packaging solutions have got you covered.

Chira Packaging Rolls:
At Arihant Packaging we have engineered our Chira Packaging Rolls with precision to not only provide a secure container for your chira but also preserve its texture and quality.
Key Features:
Nitrogen Filling Rolls: Our specialized Nitrogen Filling Rolls are designed to minimize exposure to external environment keeping your chira fresh and crispy. This process extends its shelf life allowing your customers to enjoy it for a period.
Air Retention Capability: Our rolls are designed to retain air providing extra protection against external factors that can affect the texture and taste of your chira.
Multi Layered Laminated Rolls: Our laminated rolls with layers offer exceptional defense against external elements enhancing the shelf life and quality of your chira.
Rotogravure Printing: We utilize Rotogravure printing, for high quality graphics and branding with details. Our packaging not only serves to protect your chira but also helps it stand out when displayed on store shelves.
2 Layers Laminated Rolls for Transparency: We offer a 2-layer laminated roll option that provides transparency, allowing customers to see the quality and quantity of the chira they're purchasing.
3 Layers Option for Enhanced Shelf Life and Aesthetic Appeal: Our 3-layer laminated rolls not only extend the shelf life of your chira but also enhance its visual appeal, making your product even more enticing.

At Arihant Packaging we understand that chira is more than a snack, it is a cherished culinary delight. By choosing us as your trusted partner for chira packaging we can help your brand make an impression in the competitive market. Our Chira Packaging Rolls are designed not only to protect your product but also to elevate its visual appeal ensuring that every moment of your customers culinary experience is enjoyed to the fullest. If you would like information or wish to request a quote please don't hesitate to contact us today. Discover the difference of customized packaging excellence, with Arihant Packagings Chira Packaging Rolls.


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