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Tea Packaging

Our barrier film technology preserves the freshness and aroma of Tea through specialized films for light, oxygen and moisture retention properties. Chooses from a robust product line that include multi-laminates with metalized film providing high barrier structures as per your requirements.

Tea Plastic Pouch

We manufacture Tea Packaging materials as per your customized design, needs and customized materials specifications in Plastic Pouch form , Packaging Rolls, Standup, Standup Zipper forms. You can check out various products here.

Give below are some general information regarding the tea packaging materials as per general market standard for some sizes.

Common Form
No. of Pcs per Kgs.
250 gm Tea Packaging
Pouch Form
160mm X 210 mm
160 - 175
Rs 5 Tea Packaging
Roll Form
100 mm X 180 mm
350 - 380
Rs 10 Tea Packaging
Roll Form
110 mm X 200 mm
285 - 300

Given information is only an approximation made using general market standard material specifications, size and gauge, actual values may differ. We recommend you to physically fill your product in the packaging pouch, the above information is only given for a purpose of general idea, Your required material specifications, size and gauge for packaging may differ, which will also vary the number of pcs per Kgs.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the materials used for plastic packaging pouch ?
Ans: Materials used for making the packaging pouch are Polyester Film, Metal Polyester Film and Multilayered PE Film etc.

2. Do you make Non Printed Packaging materials ?
Ans: Yes, we can make non printed plastic pouch and packaging rolls (Plain silver look).

3. Can I have my packaging materials as per my specification ?
Ans: Yes, you can have your packaging materials as per your requirement, size, design.

4. How many cylinders are needed for my packaging pouch ?
Ans: Number of cylinders needed depends upon the design of you packaging pouch.

5. What if I want to change my artwork ?

Ans: If you want to change your artwork you will need to make new printing cylinder.

6. Does the packaging pouches comes prefilled ?
Ans: No, we will provide you with empty packaging pouch. You have to fill it with your product manually or with help of packing machines

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